Our Staff

Allstar Janitorial has made a large investment in human capital. 

Quality cleaning service begins with quality people. We are committed to providing our clients with carefully selected, fully trained, courteous, and highly motivated cleaning service workers.

Allstar Janitorial personnel are insured and bonded. Our insurance is the best available, you never have to worry about security when Allstar Janitorial is on your premises. Insurance validation certificates are available upon request.

All our employees are only hired after a process that includes a thorough background check, past employment verification, reference requirement, and personal referral. Once hired, all cleaning personnel must complete our comprehensive “Path to Perfection” training program.

Allstar Janitorial only hires U.S. citizens or legally documented workers. They will not be considered for employment with our cleaning company unless they can produce the proper identification.

We pay all payroll tax for our employees, we do not subcontract out any of our work. 


Before servicing any account, all personnel is required to complete Allstar Janitorial “Path to Perfection” training course. A structured training program designed to provide our personnel with the skills and knowledge to successfully perform and manage their rigorous cleaning service routines.

All employees receive both theory and on-the-job training. All our recruits are schooled in subjects covering the operation of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, diverse cleaning techniques, chemical usage, safety procedures, and customer service.

Allstar Janitorial 5 “P”s “Path to Perfection” Cleaning Training Course

  • Product
  • Preparation
  • Protection
  • Professionalism
  • Proficiency and Performance

A rigorous training program for all employees


All our recruits are schooled in subjects covering the operation of state-of-the-art equipment, diverse cleaning techniques, chemical usage, safety procedures, and customer service.

Preparation (How to Clean)

Employees are trained on how to clean. It is true that everyone has some knowledge of how to clean; our employees will be shown systematic ways to achieve results that produce cleaner premises more productively.

The company trains employees to work effectively in teams or on their own. There are some customers that have a preference for individual cleaners instead of a team, a request that the company will be more than happy to accommodate your requirements.

Product Understanding (Knowledge of Cleaning Products and Equipment)

All our recruits are educated on the correct use of the equipment and cleaning products Allstar Janitorial provides. They learn to understand product labeling and what cleaning product is right for each specific job. They are taught to use a system of color-coded microfiber clothes to eliminate cross-contamination. 

Protection (Safety)

The safety of our workers is very important to us. We instruct all our service technicians about safety in the workplace and other health and safety issues as well as the more basic of how to move and lift heavier objects to bending down correctly and climbing no higher than a two-step ladder.

Professionalism (How to Conduct Oneself)

Allstar Janitorial employees are trained on how to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism. These skills are used during the service call. This gives our cleaning technicians the knowledge on how to conduct themselves, from meeting, greeting, and interacting with the customer, to the way they clean. 

This professionalism gives us the edge in fulfilling and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Proficiency and Performance (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Allstar Janitorial service technicians are consistently assessed and evaluated. Our customer service and quality control help monitor our employee’s performance at their service locations. 

With monitoring from management and feedback from our customers, we constantly strive to improve our outstanding services